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Hive Home by British Gas

The Objective

Hive Home by British Gas is a smart thermostat which puts you in control of your home's heating and hot water from your mobile, tablet or laptop. At the start of the new year, Hive wanted to raise awareness of, and drive engagement with, their service based on the theme of taking more control over your home and life.

The Big Idea

We wanted to complement Hive's wider brand messaging and proposition, while also differentiating and personalising content which would appeal to an engaged audience interested in how a product such as Hive may be integrated into their life. A select group of five bloggers were chosen to attractively illustrate Hive in their home and to share their first-hand experience of the installed service, apps and the beneficial impact of controlling their energy use. A second group of five bloggers were engaged to review the product's features and host a giveaway to foster brand goodwill, encourage reader participation and earned social activity. To extend and broaden awareness, a display banner campaign was run concurrently with targeted home, family, design and lifestyle blogs in our network.

The Result

Hive received an overwhelmingly positive response from bloggers and readers alike, evidenced by the experiences described in reviews published, private feedback received, and the amount of social activity generated by readers entering the giveaway. Get in touch to discuss the blog reach, banner performance, social media exposure, comments and sentiment, clicks and engagement in more detail.