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Featured Blogger of the Month: Miss West End Girl

Featured Blogger of the Month: Miss West End Girl

Hi Lynsay!

Lovely to have you with us as our May Blogger of the Month. We’re loving Miss West End Girl recently and wanted to introduce your blog to our community so they can share the love too. 


How would you describe your content to someone you meet for the first time?

Thank you for having me! I’m super excited to be featured. Miss West End Girl is a snapshot of my life and style in my home city, Glasgow. I love to share what makes me happy and that could be a number of things – a new reader could expect to find posts on fun personal style, local businesses & events to check out, advice, beauty, interiors and anything else that catches my eye and inspires me to write! I also am a very positive person and like to think my blog reflects that side of my personality, no matter what the subject it.

Tell us more about the writer behind the blog! Who is Lynsay?

I am a 30-year old Glasgow gal-about-town that loves to write, take photos and talk! In addition to my blog, I am also a podcaster at Those Gals and can usually be found Instagramming my way around my day-to-day life.
My motto in life is to live in full technicolour – and by that I mean finding joy, being kind, staying true to yourself and being the best person you can be. I also love to have fun with my personal style, and tend to wear a lot of bright and playful design in my daily outfits. I live in a sunny, pastel-hued flat with my boyfriend, Gary – and also just a couple of doors down from my BFF!

Miss West End Girl2

What (or who) inspired you to share online?

I have always loved to write, and haven’t ever pictured myself doing anything else! Starting my own blog felt like a natural progression from putting pen to paper (though I must admit I still do that as well!).
Put simply, I like to write about things that make me feel happy or inspired – it could be a new cafe with amazing sandwiches, a life event that has rocked my week, or even an epic pair of shoes! Sharing my thoughts and experiences online is a huge part of my life now – and I always think back to the little Lynsay that begged her parents for a typewriter and how much of a thrill it was to type my stories back then, too.

What is the best thing that has happened to you through blogging?

One of the best things about blogging is that it can lead you anywhere, and can open so many doors that you weren’t aware of. I’ve collaborated on projects with other creatives, put on events, been invited to speak at workshops, acted as a brand ambassador, had my words (and pictures) published in print and online, and had a 12-page spread in a magazine. All of these opportunities have been amazing, and I still can’t believe that they have all come from blogging.
That being said, the things that have happened on a more personal level are equally important to me. My confidence has grown and I’ve made a strong network of kick ass friends in the blogging community. I can now walk into a room full of strangers and feel at ease, which tells me just how far I’ve come.

Image 2 Nuffnang

If your blog was: a song, a dish, or a household object, what would it be?

Haha, I like this question!
OK, if it was a song, it would be Pharrell Williams’ Happy.
If my blog was a dish, it would be something sweet you could share with others – like a huge ice cream sundae!
If I could choose a household object to represent my blog, it would be something ridiculously kitsch, yet helpful: a pineapple-shaped cutlery holder!

Which post of yours represents your content at its best and resonated the most with your readers?

When I bought my flat 18 months ago, my readers were right there with me. I loved having a platform to share my experience as a first-time buyer with others, and being able to dive head-first into the world of interiors and show off my personal style. My readers nicknamed my home The Rainbow Palace, a label that has stuck around and that we all still use to describe the place! In this post, I revealed my new living room for the first time, deliriously happy that I was able to decorate it without answering to a landlord. The response and support I got was overwhelming – and I really feel like it represents my content at its best: personal, visual and above all, fun!

Image 1 Nuffnang

Have you set goals for your blog this year?

I try not to focus too much on the numbers, when you enjoy what you’re doing and work with passion, I feel that the stats tend to take care of themselves. I do set myself rough milestone figures every 4 to 6 months just to keep me moving forward. I focus on engagement, and my brand identity, asking myself what I’ve achieved in the last 6 months, and what I’d like to do next. The digital world changes constantly, so it’s important to keep up while maintaining a sense of self. At this point I’ve achieved more than I thought I would, but I still have a lot I’d like to do!

Can you tell us what attracted you to our community?

The Nuffnang community looks at things from the blogger AND brand perspective and makes sure no-one is being left in the dark, which I love! That’s the first step in creating positive collaboration work and something that I couldn’t help but want to be part of. I have friends in London that were already part of the community and felt that I would be a good fit, so I looked into it and…they were right!

Image 3 Nuffnang

Where do you think that bloggers and influencers fit in the larger media landscape?

As I mentioned earlier, the world of digital media evolves rapidly, and the scope that bloggers and social influencers have keeps on growing. If I want the scoop on a new product launch, I’ll see if some of my favourite bloggers have tried it out yet. If I want to see a sneak peek of a collection due out next season, I’ll search the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram…to me, bloggers and influencers are the first in the know about certain things (particularly in the fashion, food, tech and lifestyle sectors).
Is there still a place for print media? Absolutely! But I go to magazines for a different type of reader experience, not when I want to know something right away but when I want to read something that has been crafted and meticulously edited. I’ll savour a good article and go back to it a few times, or keep a clipping for inspiration.

So we’re your fairy-blogmother; if we could grant you three wishes, what would they be?

I only really have one wish and that’s for things to keep progressing as they are – for people to continue to read and connect with me as they are, and hopefully for people to keep enjoying what they read as much as I enjoy writing it!

Meet Lynsay

And we’re sure they will, Lynsay! Thank you for being our Blogger of the Month and giving us an insight into your world. We’re excited to count you among the influencers of our community and to shine the spotlight on Miss West End Girl this month.

Community, make sure you head over to Lynsay’s blog to catch up on what she’s been up to recently. Here at Nuffnang HQ we’ve been loving her styling on “Gap Denim Addicts” and great advice in her “Tips for collaborating with others” post!

Finally, don’t forget to add Miss West End Girl to your Bloglovin feed and to connect with Lynsay across social media on: