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Featured Blogger of the Month: Charissa-Rae

Featured Blogger of the Month: Charissa-Rae

Hi Charissa-Rae! How would you describe your blog to someone you meet for the first time?

I would say my blog would be described as ’girl on budget meets attainable fashion’. Basically all I do (can afford) is to shop on the high-street so I have to find those hidden gems that you can style around your personality and make your personal style stand out.

Charissa-Rae BOTM August 2

Describe the lady behind the blog! Who are you Charissa-Rae?

A 21 year old girl from not so sunny Sunderland in the north east of the UK; who drinks too many cups of tea, spends too many hours on the internet on social media and online shopping, who just wishes to be able to blog all day everyday!

What (or who) inspired you to start blogging?

Approximately two years ago I made the decision to drop out of university after studying for a history degree and realising it wasn’t for me anymore. With an extensive amount of time of my hands; as I was unemployed seeking a job, I finally was able to start up a blog which I had already half set up from a while back but never actively had used.

I had always loved fashion so I thought it would be a fun way to write my daily ramblings somewhere. I had no idea it would end up with people actually reading it!

Charissa-Rae BOTM August 3

What is the best thing that happened to you through your blog?

Above all the amazing campaigns I’ve been able to be involved in, I’m proud of how much it has helped me grow as a person. I am 1000x more comfortable with myself than I ever was before but please don’t confuse that with egotism. I’ve simply learnt that it’s okay to be me, because people seem to like me for me.

If your blog was: a song, a dish and another blog, what would it be?

Song – I have no idea. I actually have sat for ages trying to think of a song that would describe my blog and I’ve just been met with constant blanks. Maybe you should ask my readers, they might come up with an answer.

A dish – Trifle! a) because I love trifle, and b) because my blog as so many layers to make it what it is, but if we took even just one of the layers away it just wouldn’t work.

Charissa-Rae BOTM August 4

What post of yours represents your blog at its best?

In terms of a fashion post I’m most proud of it would be this one, however I also think that this post represents my blog at its best because sometimes my blog includes topics that some may consider a little more on the serious side. But as blogging is my ultimate passion I want to make it the best it can be for everyone to enjoy.

Have you set goals for your blog this year?

Just to keep growing! I do hope to get back into youtube as I did do a couple of videos at the beginning of the year then just fell out of the loop and since have been struggling to get back into it. The dream is to make it a full-time career so I just have to keep working hard and giving it 110%.

Charissa-Rae BOTM August 5

Can you tell us what attracted you to Nuffnang?

I love that it is a worldwide company meaning it’s a huge community for all of us bloggers all over the world to be in one place. Also, that being part of a blogging community allows me to find new blogs I may not necessarily have come across on my own.

Where do you think that bloggers fit in the larger media landscape?

I think bloggers are making more of an impact on the media than ever before. I think the media have to realise that we are a great tool in promotion as we are actually doing this because we love it, not because it pays the bills. We are constantly updating on social media, letting everyone know our every move and that’s great for publicity. I do feel like sometimes bloggers are looked at as being cheap and easy labour because most companies know we will do it because a collaboration isn’t something that happens on a day-to-day basis in our everyday lives.

For me personally my blog is my business and I take it very seriously.

There isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not working on my blog and every collaboration I accept takes a lot of time and effort that is usually worked on during my days off (as we still have to work and earn money somehow). Don’t get me wrong I love my blog and wouldn’t have it any other way working this hard, I just believe that I run my blog with a professional head on my shoulders so I deserve the respect of being treat like a professional when working with the media. And I’m sure other bloggers feel the same too.

[Jesse’s edit: I absolutely agree with this of course, and I love reading bloggers speaking up and positioning themselves as the professionals they are, all the more when their blogs are treated with the care and attention of a business!]

Charissa-Rae BOTM August 6

We’re giving you three wishes. Go crazy!

1. Endless supply of clothes?

2. Let me become a full-time blogger

3. Move me to London!

August BOTM Nuffnang Charissa-Rae

Thank you so much for being our Blogger of the month and answering our nosy Q&A Charissa-Rae! We’re very happy to count you among the talents of our blogger community and we’re delighted to shine the spotlight on your fab blog this month.

Nuffnangers, make sure to pay a visit for what I think is the perfect balance of personality, inspiration and great fashion and photography. You can follow her blog on Bloglovin and connect with her across social media on: