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Featured Blogger of the Month: Hedi Hearts

Featured Blogger of the Month: Hedi Hearts

Hi Hedi, thank you for being our Blogger of the Month!

Let’s dive in with our interview questions as we have a lot to chat about. First, we’d like to know: How would you describe your blog to someone you meet for the first time?

Hedi Hearts was born from my desire to re-discover the joy of eating. I wanted to learn how to prepare and enjoy tasty food, while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I brushed away harsh diets, calorie-counting, and feelings of starvation, guilt and negative emotions. I am on a mission to help everyone fall back in love with food that loves you back through my recipes and posts.


Describe the lady behind the blog! Who are you Hedi?

I am a healthy food blogger and recipe creator. I live with my family in Essex in the UK, originally from the Czech Republic, but have been living in England for almost 10 years. I am a busy mum of two who is passionate about creating clean recipes, healthy food, running, the gym and music. Basically if I’m not in the kitchen or in the park with my kids, you will find me running down the Essex pavements or huffing and puffing in my local gym.

I am also the co-owner of He.Lo Health which I run with fitness model Louise, and we produce e-books full of great clean eating recipes, tips and recommendations. We also run three months long clean eating challenges for those who want to change their lifestyle and learn more about clean eating and clean diets.

What (or who) inspired you to start blogging?

To be honest, my Facebook followers. When I first started I posted all my recipes, thoughts, tips and ideas on my Facebook page only, but people couldn’t often find it, so after some consideration I created Hedi Hearts.

Clean mexican spicy rice recipe - Hedi Hearts

What is the best thing that has happened to you through your blog?

The messages and emails I get from my readers and followers about how I have inspired them, helped to change their lives and lose weight. However it is also the way they see themselves and that life is not all about being skinny, but healthy and strong. Absolutely priceless and very rewarding!

If your blog was a song, a dish and another blog?

A song: What a Wonderful World from Louis Armstrong, I love this song so much!
A dish: Something colourful, tasty, with a bit of a spicy kick!
Another blog: I can’t say just one, there are far too many.

What post of yours represents your blog at its best?

Clean overnight oats recipe - Hedi Hearts

Have you set goals for your blog this year?

I have. I would love to reach out to every single person out there, that feels they cannot afford to be healthy or don’t know how and where to start. I hope to inspire, help and spread the word that clean eating is not a fad diet, it is a healthy lifestyle.

Can you tell us what attracted you to Nuffnang?

A few things did actually and one of them has to be you Jesse, especially when I met you at the Bloggers Workshop. What a fab event that was! Second, the community and ability to connect to so many same like-minded people who share the same passion. Last but not least, it’s the chance to get my name out there and let people, companies, and brands find out what Hedi Hearts is all about.

Clean Bread - Hedi Hearts

Where do you think that bloggers fit in the larger media landscape?

I think bloggers currently have a prominent role in the media landscape. The power of blogs is stronger than we possibly realised before because it’s authentic. Bloggers share their personal opinions with passion, allowing readers to see the subject they’re writing about in a different light. Most importantly, bloggers speak from the heart, about what they think and know, it comes from a personal place.

We’re giving you three wishes, Hedi. Go crazy!

First wish: Open my own healthy café/shop in Essex .
Second wish: Leave my current job and do blogging full-time
Third wish: Go backpacking to Japan, Argentina and Australia.
Meet Hedi - Nuffnang Blogger of the Month June 2015

Hedi, thank you for being our Blogger of the Month this June and answering our nosy Q&A. We’re excited to count you among the bloggers of our community and to shine the spotlight on your blog this month!

Nuffnangers, make sure you give a visit for healthy and yummy inspiration. A personal recent favourite of mine from Hedi’s blog is her Orange and Chocolate Overnight Oats, so simple and so delicious; I recommend you take a look.

Finally, don’t forget to add Hedi Hearts to your Bloglovin feed and to connect with Hedi across social media on: