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Featured Blogger of the Month: Me & Orla

Featured Blogger of the Month: Me & Orla

Hi Sara, thank you for being our Blogger of the Month!

Let’s dive in with our interview questions as we have a lot to chat about. First, we’d like to know: How would you describe your content to someone you meet for the first time?

Me & Orla is a whole living lifestyle blog; I write about striking a balance between modern life and a need for simplicity. Struggling to answer this question, I turned to Twitter; my favourite answer was “a candid story of simple living and motherhood with (excellent) photography tips and a particular focus on cake and bed linen.” That’s pretty much it!

Meet Orla - Nuffnang Blogger of the Month July 2015

Tell us more about the writer behind the blog! Who are you Sara?

I’m a Northerner, a mother, a photographer, and a worrier. I love beautiful design and I love minimalism – my whole life is a mess of these sorts of contradictions.

What (or who) inspired you to share online?

I’ve always written and taken photographs, but after the birth of my daughter I found I was seeing the world with different eyes. I started documenting that new perspective on Instagram, and when the words started to overflow, I started the blog.

At Home - Me & Orla

What is the best thing that happened to you through blogging and gramming?

So many adventures – travel, parties, festivals, radio interviews! I’ve just recently quit my ‘day job’ after nearly a decade with the NHS to pursue my writing and photography full time. That’s really a dream come true, and it would never have been possible without my online sharing.

Foraged - Me & Orla

If your blog was: a song, a dish, or an household object – what would it be?

Oh, good question! I’m going to say an AGA – it’s an emblem of quintessential rural England, all about home and warmth, good food and sleeping kittens. The AGA has barely changed from its simple, practical design in over 100 years, but it’s still completely stylish and covetable, with just a hint of vintage charm.

Dining Table - Me & Orla

What post of yours represents your content at its best and has resonated the most with your readers?

Slow Living“, my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 seemed to be very much in sync with what a lot of other people were promising themselves – to slow down and get more out of life by doing less. I’m gradually working my way through them and documenting my progress on the blog – follow along!

Have you set goals for your blog this year?

My blog itself is my main goal this year; previously my attention has been largely on my Instagram, but since January I’ve been much more focused on what I want to achieve through Me & Orla. I’ve set targets in regards to traffic and pageviews but they’re really just arbitrary numbers; what I’m aiming for is a site full of posts that I’m excited to have out there and I’ll know when it’s right.

Window - Me & Orla

Can you tell us what attracted you to our community?

As my online presence grew, I realised Nuffnang was the name I was seeing on all of my favourite blogs and I was curious to find out more. I find the transparency and honesty with you to be so refreshing; there’s a real focus on authentic content and genuine relationships between brands and readers, and as a blogger, that makes me feel like my content and integrity are in safe hands.

Oustide - Me & Orla

Where do you think that bloggers and influencers fit in the larger media landscape?

I think they’re a much-needed filter between marketer and consumer. In the old model, it was the advertisers who told us as consumers what we wanted/needed to live well. Now it’s the bloggers and influencers who are the tastemakers, and there’s so much more authenticity in that. Brands can’t get away with flogging any old rubbish; they need to really engage with their target market and put out their best work to gain the support of the online influencers. It makes for a more level playing field, and I’m all for that.

We’re giving you three wishes Sara, what are they?

I’d really like World peace, a cure for dementia, and one of everything from the Zara website please.

Meet Sara - our July 2015 Blogger of the Month

Sara, thank you for being our Blogger of the Month this July and answering our nosy Q&A. We’re excited to count you among the influencers of our community and to shine the spotlight on you this month.

Community, make sure you give a visit for some beautiful photography, an ode to slow-living, and smile-inducing writing about life in the countryside. A personal recent favourite of mine from Sara’s blog is “Stay: An Invitation“, I recommend you take a look!

Finally, don’t forget to add Me & Orla to your Bloglovin feed and to connect with Sara across social media on: